All Candidates Meeting – 2022 Municipal Election KLCOA Hosted All Candidates Sept 14 Meeting Video – Posted Here

All Candidates Meeting – 2022 Municipal Election KLCOA Hosted All Candidates Sept 14 Meeting Video – Posted Here

Video of KLCOA hosted Ward 4 All Candidates Webinar Now Available on KLCOA YouTube channel.
View Webinar Here

The next municipal election will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022, with the advance voting period beginning October 14th. Dysart residents will have the choice to vote using the internet or a telephone.

The KLCOA is hosting a virtual
“All Candidates Meeting”
for the candidates of Ward 4,  Municipality of Dysart et al

When – Wednesday, Sept 14 at 7:00pm
Where – Online by Zoom Webinar
Who Can Attend – All property owners of Kennisis Lakes, Redstone Lake and Lipsy Lake
Register HERE for All Candidates Meeting
In the meantime, prepare yourself to VOTE!

Make sure you are on the voters list!

WHO CAN VOTETo vote in Dysart et al, you must be:A Canadian citizen;At least 18 years old;A resident in the Municipality of Dysart et al; orA non-resident of Dysart et al and you or your spouse own or rent property in the Municipality; andNot prohibited from voting under any law. You may only vote once in the Dysart et al Municipal Election regardless of how many properties you own or rent within the Municipality. If you are a resident within the Municipality, you must vote in the ward where you live, either permanently or seasonally. 


Dysart residents will be able to vote by internet or telephone for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Election. There will be no paper ballots. Prior to the advance vote, residents will receive voter information letters in the mail containing a unique PIN and instructions on how to cast their vote.The Dysart Municipal Office located at 135 Maple Avenue will also have digital voting stations available with a secure internet connection during the advance vote period (October 14-24). See the Voting Accommodations section for more information. 

MAYOR – Murray Fearrey – Acclaimed
DEPUTY MAYOR – Walt McKechnie – Acclaimed CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR WARD 4Brian Atkins1124 Champlain Road, Haliburton, Ontario(416)  Ron Evans1932 Kennisis Lake Road, Haliburton, Ontario(705) Hayden Hughes1023 Page Road, Haliburton, Ontario(705) Carm Sawyer1170 Pine Lake Road, Haliburton, Ontario(705) For more information on the election go to this Dysart link.