Bylaws and the Environment

KLCOA Role: Bylaw Variances and Environmental Protection

The following motions were approved unanimously by the Board on August 31, 2014:

Municipal Bylaw Variations

Motion: The KLCOA is on record with the municipality and county as being very concerned, through the principles articulated in the Lake Plan, about any building activity between the shoreline and the high water setback.  This is the key in protecting water quality.  The municipality and county have assured us that these concerns are noted in their review of variance applications.  Therefore, unless an extraordinary variance request emerges, the KLCOA will not comment on any individual variance requests.

Laws related to Environmental Protection

Motion:  KLCOA will inform property owners with respect to prevailing bylaws and other relevant statutes.  On request, KLCOA will provide information to property owners with regard to these statutes and will aim to aid in the resolution of issues without direct involvement of the KLCOA, including advising property owners to refer unresolved issues directly to the appropriate authorities, if appropriate.

It is the role of the association to promote stewardship.  However, it is not the role of KLCOA to patrol or enforce by-laws and statutes, nor is it the role of KLCOA to intervene with respect to alleged individual violations or disputes.

However, if any property owner brings forward a major infraction, or pattern of infractions, which he/she believes has the potential to cause significant harm to the environment or has a lasting and significant impact on the property owners as a whole to the attention of the Board, the Board may, on behalf of the Association, forward a concern directly to the appropriate government body for them to investigate as appropriate.  The Board will determine if timely action is required to deal with an issue without delay.