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Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners’ Association


Stewardship News

  • KLCOA Webinar Series – Lake Health – Wed May 31

  • Our Benthic Biomonitoring testing continued in 2022 with six sites monitored.  Benthic Biomonitoring looks at the “Bugs in our Muck” by sampling and benthic community analysis which is an indicator of lake health.  So far, our shoreline benthos communities look healthy, and monitoring will continue through 2023 when we will have completed the 5-year baseline data collection.  See...

  • The Legal Transfer of Soap Pond Lands to the KLCOA was completed in 2022 as part of the KLCOA Lands Committee “Protecting Open Space” initiative.A Land Use Principles Workshop was promoted by E-Blast and held via an online meeting in October 2022 and the following general principles were proposed:Soap Pond Lands will be protected in...