Kennisis All of Us Survey

The 2021 KENNISIS ALL OF US survey was developed to give everyone a chance to talk about what’s important for our Community. It will help to ensure a better understanding of what we are all loving and what we’re not so keen on. It is important that the KLCOA is accurately representing and investing in the issues, interests, and values of our Lake Community.

The survey generated an enthusiastic response from our Kennisis Lakes Community. The survey was launched on May 26, 2021, immediately following our Spring General Meeting, and closed on July 31, 2021.

827 respondents participated in the 2021 survey with 791 completing it. In the 2021 survey, we asked to hear from everyone: KLCOA members, family members, non-members, full-time and seasonal residents. Eblasts were sent multiple times to over 1200 people, 200 survey notices were hand-delivered to non-member properties and 8 full surveys were hand-delivered to those without internet access.

The last comprehensive KLCOA survey was conducted in 2005, for development of the Kennisis Watershed and Lakes Management Plan to provide the basis for identification of key issues, options, and possible solutions for the future management of our lakes. 937 surveys were mailed to lake residents and 334 were completed for a return rate of 37% which was a very high response rate for this type of survey. A single response from each property was solicited and used in the data analysis for the 2005 survey.

Final Kennisis All of Us Survey Report – 2021