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You may sign up as a new member if you do not have an existing membership or if you have a current membership then you can renew an existing membership online.  We offer online payment with any major credit card.  As we are a volunteer organization, it would be helpful if you pay online, but if you prefer to pay by cheque or e-transfer, instructions are provided when you sign up using the above link.

Sticker Pickup

You may pick up your sticker at the following locations:



(Saturday morning of May long weekend)
Pick up in Person
Haliburton Forest – Meeting Room
May long weekend – July 1
Pick up in Person at Kennisis Marina Store
Anytime July 1 – Sept 1 Pick up in Person at Kennisis Marina Store

After Sept 1, stickers will no longer be available for pickup but they will be kept on file and will again be available when you sign up the following year.

*Note:  It will take approx. one week from sign-up until your sticker is available for pickup.  If you mail your cheque it will be a minimum of 2 weeks.

New member packages will be available for pickup at the marina store with annual stickers.

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