KLCOA Purpose

The KLCOA exists to serve its members who are property owners in the community around the Kennisis lakes.

The Association’s by-laws formally define the purpose of the KLCOA as:

To promote a strong sustainable community of property owners on the Kennisis Lakes through leadership, education and communication for the benefit of our Members and to protect the natural environment for future generations by:

  1. Promoting, educating and communicating the general interests of our Members both internally and externally;
  2. Encouraging the social engagement of our Members by organizing a variety of lake-community focused events;
  3. Fostering, promoting and teaching environmental stewardship among all cottage owners;
  4. Promoting physical and recreational activities among our Members;
  5. Advancing programs, policies and plans that benefit our Members and community;
  6. Monitoring development activities in the area to ensure consistency with the purposes of the Association;
  7. Engaging with government and others on issues impacting the community; and
  8. Undertaking other complementary activities not inconsistent with the above purposes.