Kennisis Lake Snowmobile Club (KLSC)

Over the past seven years since I resurrected the Kennisis Lake Snowmobile Club, we have done very well and contributed a great deal to assist our two local snowmobile clubs, i.e. Tall Pines SC and Haliburton County SC.  In addition, we have improved relationships with Haliburton Forest, our very own private trail system at our back door.

We have offered support to our local trails through local coordination by Kennisis snowmobilers.  Volunteers are always needed for off season brush clearing, trail improvements, bridge work, trail info signage and lake stake marking. Also, during the winter season when access is much easier we continue to maintain access points and trails around Kennisis.

We have through very generous donations and fundraising been able to generate apprx $11,000 in the past 7 years to create trail and access improvements around Kennisis. In February 2015, we were able to restructure the Buckhorn Creek Shelter through donations and hard labour. In the fall of 2016, we built a permanent gate at the trail head to TP #62 just behind the Kennisis Dam parking area.  This will stop off season use by ATV’s who trespass and access Haliburton Forest property illegally.

Most recently in 2017, I coordinated the sale of custom laser cut steel topograhic maps.  Through the sale of these maps I was able to raise apprx $800.

Stay tuned for our annual winter BBQ on the Lake, March 2018 !

Stay informed and become involved to improve snowmobiling in our riding area.  Snowmobiling is the single largest winter tourism activity in Haliburton County.  

Contact me and I will keep you updated via email !!

Contact Guy:

Graham Beach
Cell: (905) 806-5591
Cottage: (705) 754-3612