Shoreline Workshops

Healthy natural shorelines are vital to maintaining the overall health of the Kennisis Lakes. Natural shorelines help filter pollutants, protect against erosion, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.

Saturday July 9, 11AM-1PM

LOCATION – Kennisis Lake, 1053 Violet Lane (Off Wilkinson)

Workshop will be held at one of the 2022 Shoreline Restoration sites

Text Box: Workshop Format
•	Review Property Shoreline Restoration Objectives 
•	Property Walk About & Description of Restoration Details- Plant Species, Locations etc.
•	Native Planting Demonstration with attendees participating in planting
•	Q&A Session
•	Bring a Shovel, Gardening Gloves and Take Home a Surprise!

Cara Steele of Abbey Gardens will Lead the Workshop and Native Planting Demonstration

This Project is a collaboration between

Kennisis, Redstone and Lipsy Lake Associations

Registration and Additional Information Contact – Jim Prince or 416.528.1739

Registration for this event is limited to 30 Participants

For Details – check this flyer Map of Seminar Location

Additional information: Contact Jim Prince – jimprince@966010