Norah’s Island

Norah’s Island is a 22-acre island on our beautiful Kennisis Lake. Norah was donated by Bruce Carruthers to the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) to honour the memory of his late wife, Norah, in 2007. Environment Canada certified the island as ecologically sensitive, a key step in the donation process. It was donated through Environment Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program.


Norah’s Island is one of the “last vestiges of intact representative wilderness” on Kennisis Lake


Norah and Bruce Carruthers used to visit the lake to see their friends, the Kerr Family. In the 1970s they were visiting when they found out that a large island across from the Kerr cottage was for sale. They bought it planning to perhaps build on it one day, but content to leave it be until they made up their minds. In the meantime, Norah inherited her family cottage on Georgian Bay and it was at that lakeside retreat that the Carruthers family would gather. Apart from their visits to their friends at Kennisis Lake, they seldom saw their island. The Carruthers owned the island for 32-years before Bruce donated the island in 2007 to the Land Trust.


The Norah’s Island Management Committee (NIMC) was formed through a partnership with the Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners’ Association (KLCOA) and the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust.

The committee consists of representatives from both and together they oversee the management and protection of Norah’s Island.

A “Leo Sepa” original commemorative plaque has been installed on Norah’s South Shore. It recognizes the Carruthers donation and the many generous donors to the Norah’s Island Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund will provide the HHLT with the financial resources necessary to maintain and protect Norah’s Island in perpetuity.

Norah has a group of dedicated volunteers known as “The Eyes on The Island” Management committee. This collection of “eyes” keeps watch over Norah throughout the year. They report anything unusual to NIMC who in turn report to the Land Trust (HHLT).

When you visit Norah, we ask that you take just pictures.

Overnight camping is strictly prohibited on Norah’s Island.

If you have any questions or wish to volunteer or make a donation to the Land Trust, please contact a member of the NIMC or the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust – – 705-457-3700.

The Norah’s Island Management Committee (NIMC):

Jeff Pinkney, Chair of NIMC – – 705-874-6529


Norah’s Island Management Committee – Spring 2018 Report to KLCOA and HHLT

NIMC Members: Jeff Pinkney, Janis Parker, Scott Durie

The Norah’s Island Management Committee is tremendously sad about the recent passing of Ian Daniel, a long time NIMC Member and the founder of HHLT. Ian was signator to the very first Agreement between KLCOA and HHLT. His knowledge and passion for the land trust movement and for Norah’s Island will be missed and will be remembered.

Long time NIMC members Shirlee Weeks and Andi Rodgers have resigned in good faith and in good standing. Each were founding members of the NIMC and they were instrumental in raising the funds that made the project possible 11 years ago. They both are simply moving on to other challenges and each remain passionate advocates of the Norah’s Island project. Shirlee and Andi, thank you for all those years and all your dedication to Norah and to Norah’s Island.

Thanks to all who participated in last summer’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations on Sunday July 16.2017. Thanks in particular to Doug Mahood for his permission to use the marina property for parking and docking last year on July 16th. Thanks also to Janis and Ron and to the Smiths (John and family) for providing pontoon boats for transportation. Thanks to Terry O’Connor and John Smith for driving the boats all afternoon to shuttle guests back and forth. Thanks to Leslie Lepine and her group for coming back to help us celebrate with their wonderful singing (they were with us also in 2007 to open the project). Thanks also to Shelley Beach for her painting of Norah’s for the invitation and to Janis Parker for the printing. And thanks to the Carruthers family for coming out as our special guests to help us celebrate.

Thanks to our Eyes On The Island Volunteers. Thanks to the following families: Musselman, (Gord) Burley, Harper, Fenn, Austin and Fox, Evans, Nurse, Lepine, and Burch. Each week a different family inspects the island and reports back their findings. Thanks to Andi Rodgers for organizing. Anyone who’d like to join the effort please let us know.

NIMC proposes the 2018 Budget as follows:

Municipal Taxes: $80.00
Insurance: $250.00
Management Fee: $500.00
MFTIP: $0.00
KLCOA Membership: $35.00
Total: $865.00

Other Norah’s Island financial info for the year 2017 (unaudited):
Investment Income = $808.43
Total Expenses = $610.45 made up of:
– 10th Anniversary = $311.82
– Property Tax = $76.15
– Insurance = $222.48

Norah’s Island Endowment Fund:
– Dec 31st, 2016 = $58,768.94
– Jan 2nd, 2018 = $58,950.56

Note KLCOA has two vacancies on the committee and HHLT has one vacancy on the committee. Please get in touch if you’d like to join this team.

Questions or concerns, please contact NIMC Chair – Jeff Pinkney – email: