About Us

The Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association (KLCOA) serves its members by working to maintain a healthy and sustainable lake environment for the enjoyment of all. The Association serves a lake community with unique natural, physical and social characteristics.

We have many insightful, knowledgeable and passionate members in our community who have undertaken valuable initiatives, such as:

  • Organization of social and recreational Community Events such as an annual Regatta, a Fireworks display, and a sailing Regatta
  • Publication of a detailed Lake Plan, reflective of input from the broader community and government organizations active within the surrounding watershed. This site is the repository for all lake plan and official documents of the association.
  • Development of an inclusive Stewardship approach promoting education and social responsibility to manage and preserve our natural environment
  • Distribution of up-to-date knowledge-based material to assist cottagers with management of their property and their environment

The Association thrives, thanks to the hard work of an engaged and influential group of volunteer and event coordinators. The Board of Directors works collectively to represent the interests of KLCOA members and the watershed. They represent the members at meetings with other associations, at organizations such as the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (FOCA) and with various government organizations, such as the Trent-Severn Waterway or Dysart et al.

In between the two members meetings in May and September each year, the KLCOA website is the Association’s main communications vehicle for sharing information and knowledge in order to maintain and support a cohesive lake community. We also have electronic distribution of key events and newsletters.

Check this website often as new information is provided on a continuous basis. We welcome your assistance in keeping information current. Your participation is what makes the Association and this site work!