Rock Bass Fishing Derby

This is during the period which the Province of Ontario has designated license free for 2022, allowing everyone to participate with or without a fishing license. Every year the KLCOA organizes a friendly competition to see who can catch the most Rock Bass. Rock Bass are an invasive species in the Kennisis Lakes, damaging our Trout population.

Come out and join us for a fun day of fishing while helping to reduce the number of Rock Bass in our lakes. Anyone interested in taking part can register by email at or by texting Mike at 905-626-2463. You can register in pairs or individually in one of two categories, 12 years and under or 13 years and over. Final weigh in of total pounds of rock bass caught will take place at 4:00 pm at the bridge between Big and Little Kennisis Lake. Prizes will be awarded after a weigh in and the whole catch is disposed of.

Please ensure that only rock bass are included in your catch, other types of fish will not be weighed.

Thank you to Mike and Kelley Neely for organizing this event each year