Winter Security Reminders

Winter Security Reminders

As much as we have started planning for Spring and Summer, it is important to remember that we are still in the dead of winter and therefore there are fewer people around at the Lake.  It serves us all well to make sure we are diligent in: 

1.  Know your neighbours and let them know of anything unusual that you may see on their property when they are away.

2.  Report prowlers, break-ins or suspicious activity to the police even if nothing is stolen.  This can alert the OPP to activity in the area.  Security camera footage is helpful.

You can report on-line to the OPP at
Or you can call the Minden OPP detachment at 705-286-1431 or  705-329-6111

3.  Take “self-protection” steps such as doing a home security audit and engraving an identifier # on high value items.