In 2022, we were fortunate to receive a large donation towards our fireworks
display that would be considered as a sponsorship for KLCOA. As a result, the
KLCOA Board of directors developed a sponsorship policy to accommodate
businesses who wish to be sponsors for KLCOA.
Part of the policy states:
“A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial business relationship between KLCOA and
an external organization (the sponsor), whereby the sponsor contributes funds,
products or in-kind services to the KLCOA, in exchange for recognition,
acknowledgement or other promotional considerations. Sponsorships involve
contractual relationships between the sponsor and KLCOA regarding support for
specific programs, events, services, or activities. General sponsorships (not
program or event specific) can be for the overall support of KLCOA.
Sponsors pay an annual sponsorship fee to KLCOA and receive benefits during the
time of their sponsorship, subject to an annual review. A sponsorship can start at
any time, and generally lasts for 12 months.

We are very fortunate to recognize our sponsors for 2023 in the following poster.

Thank you, sponsors, for your generosity in supporting the Kennisis Lake community events!

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of people like you!