Great News – Connectivity Update – Fibre to the Home

Great News – Connectivity Update – Fibre to the Home

Bell has confirmed the following:
UPDATE Feb 14,2024: If your property is in the area which Bell advised us is now available for fiber connection (see list of areas below), and you experience difficulty when you contact Bell to arrange for connection, please send an email to and we will advise Bell.   We have had a couple of queries from members which we have been able to work with Bell to have addressed.

“Fibre to the home” can now be ordered in the following areas:

  1. From 4490 Kennisis Lake Road (Birchy Lake Rd) to 5879 Kennisis Lake Rd (just past Land Rd), including the smaller roads in this section.
  2. All of Little Kennisis Lake – Watts Road and smaller spur roads.
  3. Wilkinson Road from the corner of Kennisis Lake to 2000 Wilkinson Road and all small spur roads in this section.

Coming soon:

  1. In May, the remainder of Wilkinson including all small spur roads.
  2. In June, the rest of the north shore of Kennisis Lake not including Paddy’s Bay.
  3. Paddy’s Bay and the West Shore require specialized equipment that is still in the installation phase – this will be updated when we know more.

Customers may contact Bell at 1-866-310-2355 to make arrangements for installation at their property and to sign up for the service (or dial *611 from any Bell mobile device).  More information on services, plans, bundles is available at

Bell has assured us that the installers have been notified of the all the new orders that may be placed and are prepared.  We understand that someone will need to be present at the residence to facilitate connection inside the home.

Many thanks to our Connectivity Committee (Tayce Wakefield, Tony Lepine, Deb Wratschko) for all their hard work and tenacity over the past four years in working with Bell to encourage them to add Kennisis Lake to the application for federal government Universal Broadband Funding to enable the existing copper wire infrastructure to be replaced with fibre optic cable in our area.