KLCOA AGM – Results of Board Voting September 22, 2021 – Update Exec, Presentation Material

KLCOA AGM – Results of Board Voting September 22, 2021 – Update Exec, Presentation Material

2021/2023 KLCOA Board of Directors

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2021 KLCOA AGM Sept 22.

Please welcome the newly elected 2021/23 Board of Directors 

Gino Ariano 
Arlene Burch 
Rod Dobson  
Grant DeMarsh   * Treasurer
Frances Duiker  
Scott Durie  
Brian Evans  
Tina Fagg  
Jacquie Geall Seabrook * Secretary 
Lynn Larson  
Ethan MacDonald  
Joan Middleton * Vice President 
Jim Prince   * Vice President
Patrick Wenger  
Natalie Wood  
Deb Wratschko   * President

The executive committee is identified with a * and role. The presentation material can be found on the website under Records – Minutes 2021 section

Thank you to everyone who registered for the AGM on Wednesday evening.  Your AGM packages will be emailed to you on Tuesday Sept 21 and the link to join the meeting on Wednesday morning.  If you registered and do not receive the emails, please email KLCOA Secretary: Sheelagh@bell.net before 1:00pm on Sept 22.

We have 17 candidates for 16 board positions.  See slate of nominees below.


1. Introduction
2.  Approval of minutes
3.  Treasurer’s report
4.  The Year at a Glance – Celebrations and Updates
5.  Preliminary Report from the Kennisis All of Us survey
6.  Looking Forward
7.  Election –  Slate as of Sept 19 here. – including new candidates
8.  Q&A

At the Annual General Meeting of the KLCOA on September 22, 2021, elections will be held for the new Board of Directors. Currently, twelve directors are wishing to run again and will stand for re-election along with any new candidates (see above No 7 for current proposed slate).

We are currently accepting nominations for new board members. We are especially looking for new directors with skills in website management, governance and administration, communication (writing and editing) and volunteer coordination.  We are also looking for people with expertise or keen interest in land use management, environmental issues, government relations, building community and engaging our next generation. 

If you are interested, please contact the Nomination Committee to share your interest and ask any questions you may have.  

Nomination Committee Lead: Janis Parker, KLCOA VP   janis@parkerpad.com
Deb Wratschko, KLCOA President    klcoa.president.2017@gmail.com
Sheelagh Lawrance, KLCOA Secretary   sheelagh@bell.net

See AGM agenda above for current list of nominees.