K.L.C.O.A. 62nd Annual REGATTA – July 30th

 K.L.C.O.A. 62nd Annual REGATTA – July 30th
 Saturday July 30th, 2022 Rain Date Sunday July 31st

Kennisis Lake Marina Shoreline & Docks
9:00 am Start Time – Marathon Swim from Island to Marina Docks…Harper Family Trophy
12 and Under – Bin Family Trophy     
(ALL participants must be accompanied by a non-motorized boat)

10:00 am Start Time – Horseshoe TournamentMcCann Family Trophy
REGISTRATION: Please sign up for events at the Registration Table. Open to KLCOA Members only.  To renew or join, go to www.klcoa.org/membership OR 
you can sign up at the Registration tent ($40.00 Cash/Cheque) 
Morning Events: “Swimming Races” – START TIME 10:00 am
BBQ & Refreshment “Smoke on the Water’’ 11:30 – 7:00 pm
Afternoon Events: “Paddling Races” – START TIME 1:00 pm

Special thanks to:  
·       Our awesome K.L.C.O.A. Board for their support, vision, and commitment! 
·       Chad/Jim/Gary for allowing us to share the Marina Property for the day! 
·       Carson from ‘The Dock Shop’ for additional docking for swimming/activities!
·       Doug for allowing us to park on his property!
·       Mike from  “Smoke on the Water” for providing us with this year’s BBQ Lunch & Refreshments!
·      Viper Marketing for donating Volunteer shirts
·       ALL the Families who have kindly donated trophies over the years! 
·       ALL of our amazing VOLUNTEERS…who have generously volunteered their time to help create special memories!
·       KLCOA Members and Kennisis Cottagers for participating and helping to make our 2022 Regatta THE BEST!!! 
please contact Beth DeMarsh at 705 754-4606 
or Joan Middleton at jmideletonlake@gmail.com 705 754-2243

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