Kennisis Breeze and Website Advertisement

Kennisis Breeze and Website Advertisement

March 09 2022

Dear Business Owner,

The Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association, which represents more than 600 cottagers/ residents and their families and friends, is looking for interested businesses who wish to advertise their business in our newsletters and website for the 2022 season.

Each year we publish 3 newsletters entitled Kennisis Breeze. We strive to keep the hard copies to a minimum and post the publications on our website,

For many years, Parker Pad and Printing has kindly and generously provided hard copies at our spring members’ meeting in May so that cottagers or residents have a reference to advertising on their coffee tables. Advertisers also received hard copies for their reference.

Kennisis Breeze is published by volunteers who wish to offer accessible, relevant and interesting reading material, celebrate KLCOA activities and projects, develop a sense of community, provide useful information and resources, support our local businesses to encourage sourcing of local products and services as well as generate revenue for KLCOA goals. It is distributed in May, June and November.

In addition to reaching our members through our newsletter, web ads have become a great vehicle to build awareness of your brand and business offerings. Our website is a frequent destination for Kennisis Lake residents all year and receives many thousands of visits each week during the spring and summer months.

Given the nature of websites and the frequent use of mobile devices, the most effective web ads avoid fine print and extensive details. Use of the option that provides a link to your own website is the best approach if you want to provide access to extensive detail. By looking at our website you can judge for yourself the design of ads which are most effective. We use jpg files which are 350 x 200pixels for all ads. If you provide a file in that format we will use it. If not, we have access to a graphic designer who will create the necessary format for web ads at no additional cost to you.

The pricing for newsletter and website advertising for 2022 is as follows:

half page: $400.00 includes an ad in our 3 newsletters and
a free ad on our website, which will be visible year round up to April 1st 2023
Pay an additional $50.00 for a website link.

quarter page: $150.00 for an ad in our 3 newsletters
Pay an additional $100.00 for an ad on our website, which is visible year round up to April 1st 2023
Pay an additional $50.00 for a website link.

business card: $25.00 for ad in our 3 newsletters
Pay an additional $100.00 for an ad on our website, which is visible year round up to April 1st 2023.
Pay an additional $50.00 for a website link

We require a pre-made ad in Jpeg format that can be inserted into our newsletters. Unfortunately, we cannot create an ad for you. Ad sizes are shown on page 2.

(Please note that we accept advertising in Kennisis Breeze from companies and organizations with a product, or products of interest to the members of our lake association. Advertisers should be based in Haliburton County. We reserve the right to accept or reject advertisements in our sole discretion.)

If you are interested in purchasing ad space, please contact indicating your interest, the ad size and any additional option selection for our new website on or before March 25th, 2022. I will respond to you with payment details and timelines as quickly as possible.

I am looking forward to hearing from you in hopes that we can promote your local business and in return, you will support our KLCOA priorities.

Valentina Fagg (on behalf of KLCOA Board of Directors)