What are we Up To

What are we Up To

The KLCOA Board of Directors and volunteers are hard at work
on a number of initiatives, reviews and refreshes.   

Planning for summer events 
The calendar of events is updated to reflect 2022 events as they are confirmed.  After two years of cancelled events and programs  the hope is that 2022 will bring back all of the favourites and possibly introduce some changes and new events.

Tree Planting Program 
The KLCOA has revived the Tree and Shrub program for 2022 after a pandemic disruption, with an order of approximately 2000 plants from an Ontario native plant nursery.  These plants will be available to our community through two programs- direct purchase and a program that will provide planning and planting support through Abbey Gardens.  Details will be coming soon.

Privacy policy and NFP update 
A new privacy policy and changes to our bylaws to comply with the updated Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA)  are under review. 

History book (Phase 2 introduction)  
The next phase of the Kennisis Lake history book will be sorting and organizing all of the stories, photos and research collected in phase 1 to develop a story board and table of contents so the writing and editing can begin.

What’s Up Kennisis – Webinar Series 
We heard from you through the KennisIS ALL OF US survey that continuing education is important. The KLCOA is launching a Webinar series in 2022 with a focus on topics that our membership signaled were priorities.  The first What’s Up Kennisis Webinar is planned for June 2022 and will be presenting an update on our water quality in the Kennisis Lakes.      

New laws around boat wash and invasive species 
We are reviewing the detail of a January 1 announcement by the Ontario Government with respect to changes to the Invasive Species Act. Thirteen new species including wild pigs have been added and watercraft have now been classified as carriers of invasive species. Classifying watercraft in this manner now subjects boats to a series of regulations pertaining to boat launch protocols. Failure to follow the new regulations can result in ticketing and potentially material fines.  More details can be found here

Fireworks will be held on Friday July 1. HALIBURTON HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE has become a generous sponsor for the KLCOA fireworks display allowing us to produce a much improved show.   

Soap Pond
If you are not familiar with Soap Pond, it is a protected, calm, natural area in the southwest part of the lake with a navigable entry.  The KLCOA was approached by the municipality of Dysart and offered the Soap Pond lands as part of an effort to reduce their land holdings that were not used by the municipality.  The KLCOA has accepted ownership of the Soap Pond Lands with the intention that the property is to be protected in its natural state for the community to enjoy.  As with all of the KLCOA land holdings, we will be developing land use principles with community consultation in 2022.   

Traditional Rights of Way (TROW)
The TROW committee continues to work on research and action to discover and keep legal portage routes open in the larger Kennisis Lakes area.  Read the full report here.

Water Quality Testing 
The KLCOA water quality testing program will continue in 2022.  Volunteers from our Kennisis community perform water quality testing three times each year.  The Lake Partners Program and the KLCOA water quality testing program sample for nutrients (total Phosphorus), water clarity, calcium levels and other indicators in both of our lakes.  The KLCOA is supporting a Haliburton wide water quality testing program that will help us to refine and focus our water quality testing programs.   

Road maintenance
The KLCOA roads committee continues to communicate with Dysart et al on the condition of our roads and what repair work is required. For an update on the road work planned for 2022 in the Kennisis area please Read the full report here

Swimming Lessons
The Canadian Red Cross is winding down its swim and lifeguard programming to direct more attention to surging humanitarian demands in other areas – such as disaster and pandemic response, opioid harm reduction and caregiving for seniors. Red Cross is encouraging its water safety training partners to transition to the swim and lifeguarding programs of the Lifesaving Society Canada.  It is important that all current lifeguards and instructors follow the Red Cross instructions for transitioning their credentials over.
As well, new insurance policy requirements are that a KLCOA swim instructor can no longer be on a contract but must instead be an actual employee of the organization.  The KLCOA is not set up to have employees. 
Swimming lessons are a long standing tradition at the lake and an obvious requirement for safe lake life.  
We are currently researching all options available to us and will let members know the outcome soon.

Survey Results Review and Use
The KennisIS All of US survey results have given the board a new wealth of feedback and information that we use when reviewing and discussing programs, events and initiatives.  

General Housekeeping  
Reviews and updates or refreshes are in progress for all of our communication tools, membership system and governance procedures.  Updates will happen as progress is made.

Abandoned Docks 
The KLCOA initiated a special program in 2020/2021 to identify docks that are unclaimed.  The goal is to identify, dismantle and dispose of abandoned docks. This summer, 
We will start tagging docks in June that appear abandoned, create a pictorial inventory and reach out broadly to clarify status.
We will continue to leverage our website, e-blasts, newsletters and social media to educate and share more information.
When it is clear that a dock is truly abandoned, depending on the number of docks, we will consider options and how best to dismantle and dispose of them from our lakes.

Advertising and Sponsorship  
Kennisis Breeze is published by volunteers who wish to offer accessible, relevant and interesting reading material, celebrate KLCOA activities and projects, develop a sense of community, provide useful information and resources, support our local businesses to encourage sourcing of local products and services as well as generate revenue for KLCOA goals. It is distributed in May, June and November.  In addition to reaching our members through our newsletter, web ads have become a great vehicle to build awareness of your brand and business offerings. Our website is a frequent destination for Kennisis Lake residents all year and receives many thousands of visits each week during the spring and summer months.
Read the full report here

Advocacy policy 
An advocacy policy is being drafted taking into consideration our Bylaws, Purpose Statement, Kennisis All Of Us survey results and examples from other Not for Profit organizations.  The purpose of developing this policy is to give the KLCOA BoD of directors some guidelines when determining what to advocate for, the level and type of advocacy and the amount of membership engagement required based on the complexity of the issue.