New KLCOA Board Elected

At its Annual General Meeting on Sat. Sept 2nd, KLCOA members re-elected the following incumbents to the KLCOA Board:

Graham Beach
Brian Evans
Tina Fagg
Sheelagh Lawrance
Joan Middleton
John Middleton
Janis Parker
Jim Prince
Terry O’Connor
John Smith
Deb Wratschko


The following new Board Members were elected:

Gino Ariano
Arlene Burch
Grant DeMarsh
Scott Durie
Duncan Kent

Congratulations to each of the Board Members for 2017 – 2019.

To the returning members, thank you for all your work over the past two years and best wishes to the entire Board for continued success in serving our lake community over the coming years.

Thank you to our retiring members for their service – David Austin (Treasurer), Cam Douglas (Stewardship), Tony Lepine (Past Treasurer & President), Cathy Whittaker (Art on the Dock), Tayce Wakefield (President) – we appreciate your contributions and know you will continue to be interested in and supportive of the work of the KLCOA.

And thank you to all the members who took the time out of their long weekend to participate in the Annual General Meeting. The new Board will be meeting shortly to elect the new Executive, and to begin the work of the new Board.