KLCOA Dark Skies Night

KLCOA Dark Skies Night

Saturday August 12th – KLCOA Dark Skies Night

One of the joys of being at the cottage is the thrill of seeing the magnificent night sky that many of us can never experience at home in our urban environments.  But outdoor lighting at our cottages can create light pollution, obscuring our views of the stars.  You may not be aware that the light outside your cottage and at or near your shoreline is reflected and magnified across the water, impacting your neighbours.  It also adversely affects many plants, animals and insects by disrupting their nocturnal behaviours.  

Join us in observing our first Dark Skies Night on Saturday August 12th from 9pm onward.  At nightfall, please turn off all exterior lights and dim your interior lights.  Go down to your dock or out onto your deck and take in the glory of the Milky Way, planets, shooting stars and satellites that will be more visible with the dark skies.  Download a star gazing app, and bring a pair of binoculars or a telescope.

As an added bonus, the peak of the Perseid meteor shower this year is on the night of August 12 until before dawn on August 13

“The August Perseid meteor shower is rich and steady, from early August through the peak. Plus ,the Perseid meteors are colorful. And they frequently leave persistent trains. All of these factors make the Perseid shower perhaps the most beloved meteor shower for the Northern Hemisphere.  Under a dark sky with no moon, skywatchers frequently report 90 meteors per hour, or more. In 2023, the waning crescent moon will not interfere with the meteor shower.”  earthsky.org

Together let’s increase our Dark Sky awareness!

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