Responsible Boating

Motorboats, Shallow Water and Shorelines

A study undertaken during the development of the KLCOA Lake Plan in 2007 addressed the effects of motorboats on shallow waters and sensitive shorelines. It concluded that speeding boats can cause habitat destruction of plants, fish and wildlife. The loss of surface and submerged aquatic plants affects the stability of the lake bottom, increases algae growth and deprives fish and wildlife species of nutrients. Boat wakes create turbidity that inhibits light available to underwater plant life. Wakes also have a negative effect on fish activities including feeding and spawning.

Access this pdf for additional information on the impact of boat wakes.

Watching your wake

Obey the Law

Wakes near shorelines cause erosion, loss of plant growth and harm to shallow water fish species and the habitat that shoreline wildlife rely upon. Thus, the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans has imposed a speed limit of 10 kilometres an hour within 30 metres of the shoreline of all navigable waters in Canada.

Care for the Environment

Pursuant to the recommendations of the study and the Federal Government regulation and in order to help preserve and enhance our lakes ecosystem, the KLCOA will be posting signs in environmentally sensitive areas of the lakes reminding boaters of the need to go slow. The first signs will be posted in Soap Pond this Spring.

Please be guided by them when boating in shallow waters and near all shorelines.