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Water Levels 2013

This final update for 2013 is dated January 1, 2014: 

The 2013 water level is shown on the chart below  in comparison to the multi-year average (1988 - 2013) and the extreme high and low levels over that same period.

The year is review: The TSW started to fill the lake early due to the lack of snow and a long-rage forecast for a dry spring (see January 10 - February 10 on chart). Then on April 18-19 there were heavy rains (50 - 75mm reported) resulting in severe flooding throughout the region with several roads washed out. On May 20-22 there was another series of heavy rains with 88mm reported at Environment Canada's Haliburton rain gauge. More brief but heavy rain squalls followed on June 1 & 2 but the water level remained within the established control parameters. The lake was brought down to 9" below the top of the dam before more rains once again caused the level to rise slightly by mid-June to a point 6" below the top of the dam. Heavy rains on June 27th once again filled the lake to 100% capacity. Overall rainfall for the three months of April, May & June as recorded by Environment Canada at their Haliburton weather station was 168% of the 30-year average. April saw 137.1mm (average is 70.2mm); May saw 127.0mm (average is 92.8mm); and June saw 148.9mm (avereage is 86.8mm).

The wet weather allowed water levels to remain above average through to Thanksgiving, the end of the standard navigation season.

The active drawdown of the lake by the TSW ended before Thanksgiving with the dam at its 'winter log set' condition. The lake level returned to close to its multi-year average for the end of December after rising to a record high for early November following above average fall rainfall. 

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