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Tree Planting Program


 Thanks to new volunteer Graeme Woods, we are once again offering our KLCOA Tree Planting Program. 

 The purpose of this program will be to offer native tree species to rehabilitate open areas, to control erosion, create a windbreak or buffer, naturalize shorelines, or create wildlife habitat.

The trees offered will be both Coniferous; white pine (18-30 cm tall), red pine (15-30 cm tall), white spruce (15-30 cm tall), and Deciduous; red oak (45-60 cm tall) and black cherry (45-60 cm tall).  All trees come in 25 trees/bundle.

 A Shoreline Shrub Bundle will also be offered. These bundles will be comprised of 5 different species, some of which will include, red osier dogwood, buttonbush, ninebark, spicebush, alternate dogwood, American elderberry or Nannyberry. These may change based on availability. 25 shrubs/bundle.

Recipients of this program should make reasonable effort to control weeds or other competing species around young plants and provide adequate watering in the event of summer drought conditions to help the plants establish.

Only plants native to Ontario and in the appropriate seed zone are supplied through this program.

The orders are placed online by Saturday April 15th via the KLCOA link. Once orders are confirmed to each participant, we will arrange payment. The pickup date will be Saturday May 6th/ Sunday May 7th, 2017 at the Woods Cottage. Please note this date prior to ordering. With this being a volunteer initiative, accommodating everyone's schedules is impossible. Please be available or make arrangements for pickup.

We encourage those interested to place orders collectively and share with a friend or neighbour.

Coniferous Trees : 1 bundle = 25 trees. These are all barerooted saplings 20-60cm in height

White Pine                            $22.50/bundle

White Spruce                        $22.50/bundle

Red Pine                                $22.50/bundle


Deciduous Trees :  1 bundle = 25 tress. These are all barerooted  saplings 40-90cm in height.

Red Oak                                  $31.25/bundle

Black Cherry                            $71.25/bundle

Shrubs : 1 bundle = 25 shrubs. 5 species of shrubs comprise 1 bundle.

Species may vary depending on availability. Apprx cost  $46.00/bundle for shrubs.

The more we/you order will allow a decreased price...! The prices noted will not exceed the above value and will likely decrease based on ordering volume.  Please note that the plants are slightly smaller than previous years and therefore, at a lower price overall.

Place your order HERE or go to the KLCOA website under Stewardship/Tree Planting.

If you have any questions please contact Graeme Woods at:

cell 705-457-7025

home 705-754-0762


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