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Loon Population 

Over the past several years, KLCOA has been canvasing the membership requesting that they report loon chick sightings.  While this process can't be considered definitive, the number of nesting sites and successful rearing of chicks has been dropping on Kennisis for the last 5 years along with many other locations in Ontario. 

In August of 2015 - 7 members replied to report loon chick sightings.  As expected, the sightings are grouped around nesting areas and the same chicks were likely reported more than once. Its difficult to correlate the number of sightings with actual chick numbers as the chicks and mature loons all look very similar.  

Based on the clusters of sightings reported,  there were likely two nests in 2015 (as of Aug 4, 2015 four surviving chicks).  One nest is located somewhere near the Marina and the other in Paddy’s Bay (both traditional nesting locations).

Many of the sightings reported both parents with two chicks hatching some time in early July.  As the season progressed, parents have been sighted separately with a chick each. 

Unfortunately the remaining traditional nesting locations were not used again by the loons in 2015 (near Two Loon Island, the north end of Little Kennisis and others).  Nesting locations are not publicized to reduce traffic at nesting times.  

It is difficult to determine why the number of chicks successfully reared is down, as there are increased reports of higher numbers of adult loons.  Many of the adults may be juveniles and are not ready to breed - however there are many complex factors that affect population size. The cumulative effects of small changes around our lake may be having an impact.  Some of these factors are within the control of the cottagers on the Kennisis lakes, others are not. 


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