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KLCOA Navigational Hazard Marking Program

The Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association is undertaking a program to help create a safer boating experience on our two lakes.

Initially we will be placing distinctive yellow floating marker buoys at 12 of the most hazardous rock and shoal locations on the lakes. These locations, as well as others to be marked in the future, are shown on the Navigational Hazards map found on the KLCOA website at Bouy Map. As some rock formations are large, often extending to many metres around the buoys, boaters are advised to give the buoys a wide berth.


Commencing in 2013, the buoys will be in place annually in the spring and removed in the fall.

It is the intent of KLCOA to mark key hazards identified on the map over time and as our budget allows. The initial 12 locations are identified by the green numbers on the attached map.

We would welcome suggestions from cottagers about additional locations you deem hazardous to boating. Suggestions or comments may be sent to


We are also looking for volunteers to place and remove buoys annually under the direction of the KLCOA. If you would be interested in managing one or several of the buoys please send an e-mail with your contact information to




The program does not guarantee or even suggest that unmarked rock locations can be safely navigated. The primary responsibility for a safe boating experience rests with the individual operator

of a watercraft. Boat operators should follow the instructions on safe boating learned when preparing for and obtaining your Pleasure Craft Operators Card. As well, you should use common sense when travelling near shorelines, islands and areas displaying tell-tale signs of possible shallow water and/or underwater hazards.

KLCOA and its directors and officers take no responsibility for injury to boaters or damage to boats as a result of contact with navigational hazards.

We are indebted to the Federation of Cottagers Associations (FOCA) which has shared with us their considerable research of the regulatory and liability issues associated with this program.

Please stay safe and enjoy your boating experience on our beautiful Kennisis Lakes.

A map indicating the buoy locations is attached to this newsletter for your future reference.

See the Fall 2012 newsletter for pictures of the bouys.  











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