Cottage Owners' Association and Lake Plan


Stewardship is something we take seriously on Kennisis Lake. See the links below for more detailed information.

Water Levels
Shoreline Tree Preservation Bylaw
Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF)
Love Your Lake Shoreline Assessment Project
Water Quality
Dam Replacement Update
Septic Systems
Shoreline Naturalization
Tree Planting
Stewardship Focus Areas
Drinking Water Safety
Public Use Lands
KLCOA Role: By-law Variances and Environmental Protection
Reporting Spills


KLCOA Municipal Bylaw Support / Environmental Protection

On August 31, 2014 the KLCOA unanimously passed the following motions regarding By-law Variances and Environmental Protection: Municiple Bylaw and Environmental Protection



Water Level Forecast

The Kennisis lakes are down 23" from full as of August 14, 2017. This means that the water levels remain higher than the average 37" down for this time of year. Parks Canada (Trent Severn Waterway) forecasts that the water level will drop 9" between August 14th and August 28th. That is a drop of just over half an inch a day. Weekly forecast updates will be posted by the TSW and made available by the Coalition for Equitable Water Flow at




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