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OPP Winter Driving Tips

          Ontario Provincial Police                News Release/Communiqué                    

                                 Police provinciale de l’Ontario

 FROM/DE: Haliburton Highlands OPP                                                           DATE: Monday December 5, 2016

                                                                  WINTER DRIVING

(MINDEN, ON) – As the winter weather is now upon us, the Haliburton Highlands Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind motorists to take extra precaution when driving on our roadways. This is a series focusing on safety tips to keep in mind when travelling during winter months.

 Move Over for Emergency Vehicles but not for Winter Maintenance Vehicle – Its’ the law to move over for Emergency Vehicles but when behind Winter Maintenance Vehicles, slow down and stay back a safe distance and exercise patience.  Never pass around or between Winter Maintenance Vehicles.

 Vehicle Maintenance – Prepare for winter in the fall by getting a complete check up of your vehicle.  Before heading out, ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and your fuel tank and windshield washer fluid are sufficiently full.  Be sure to clear snow and ice from the roof, hood, trunk and all windows, lights and mirrors.  See and be seen.  Have your tire air pressure checked often as the pressure decreases in cold weather.

 Winter Driving Survival Kit – Always remember safety.  Here are some recommended items:

  • ice scraper – snowbrush,
  • shovel, sand, tow rope or chain
  • booster cables, road flares,
  • gas line antifreeze, flashlight and batteries,
  • first aid kit, fire extinguisher,
  • non-perishable energy food items, candle, matches
  • And extra clothing or a blanket.

  If you have a passenger, remind him/her to take extra clothing as well.  A cell phone and phone charger are useful tools but remember to pull over to the side of the road to make the call.  It is against the law to talk on your cellphone or text while driving.

 In an Emergency:  Remember dialing 911 on your cell phone will connect you with the emergency services contact centre in the area.  Please use 1-888-310-1122 or *677 for non-emergencies.  If you get stuck or stranded, don’t panic.  Stay with your vehicle for safety and warmth.  Wait for help to arrive.  If you are trapped for an extended period of time, make sure your tailpipe is not blocked by snow to keep carbon monoxide from getting into your vehicle. 

For more information on winter driving techniques, check the Ministry of Transportation website at and/or Transport Canada at


Contact:  Provincial Constable Tim Negus #10928

CSO/Media Officer                 

Phone:  (705)-286-1431                                                                                                                




OPP Offering Online Reporting as Another way to Report Crime

Ontario Provincial Police                News Release/Communiqué                                      

                       Police provinciale de l’Ontario

FROM/DE: Haliburton Highlands OPP                            DATE: Monday October 24. 2016 



(MINDEN, ON) – The Haliburton Highlands OPP would like to remind citizens that online reporting is available for the reporting of minor crimes. The Ontario Provincial Police is reminding the public about the availability of the online reporting system as an alternative to having an officer attend a scene for a minor incident. Citizen Self Reporting (CSR) has rolled out across the province and the OPP is proud to offer this simple and efficient new system as a means of reporting certain minor incidents and crimes.

 The OPP’s Citizen Self Reporting is an easy to use internet reporting tool that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device and sent directly to the OPP anywhere, anytime.

 In an effort to enhance our service delivery, this online reporting system will allow the public to report specific crimes such as lost property, stolen license plates, theft from vehicles, driving complaints, and property damage without an officer having to be dispatched to the scene, provided there are no suspects, no injuries or the incident is not an emergency.


The use of the new system is completely optional.

 Police will still attend a call for service if desired.

 To learn more, and to access Citizen Self Reporting online, go to or call the OPP toll free number at 1-888-222-1122.


Contact: Provincial Constable Tim Negus

               Community Safety Officer/ Media Relations Officer  

               Phone:  705-286-1431                                                                                                                  


OPP Radio System Transition Changes

     Ontario Provincial Police           News Release/Communiqué

                            Police provinciale de l’Ontario

FROM/DE: Haliburton Highlands OPP             DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2017 

Haliburton Highlands OPP Radio System Transition 

(MINDEN, ON) – The Haliburton Highlands Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police would like to notify members of the Public of the upcoming transition of our dispatching which will be moving from Smith Falls Provincial Communications Centre to the Orillia Provincial Communication Center.

 This transition is set to occur on Wednesday January 11, 2017.

 How will this affect the public?

 There will be no change to how you telephone the OPP for priority calls for service or emergency calls. When you dial 911 or the 1-888-310-1122 your call will simply be routed to the Orillia Communications as opposed to the Smith Falls Communication Center.

 What is changing?

 To contact the OPP for non-emergency calls, please update your records with the PCC-Orillia numbers and use these numbers for non- priority calls.

Main administrative line – 705-329-7300

Fax – 705-329-7397 

Contact: Provincial Constable Tim Negus

               Community Safety Officer/ Media Relations Officer    

               Phone:  705-286-1431


Road Safety and Deer

Haliburton Highland OPP have an initiative to “Reduce” car animal collisions in Haliburton County.

Part of this initiative that started in 2013 is public awareness that this is a big problem in Haliburton.

Some statistics are that annually we average 190-200 car animal collisions here in Haliburton.

Most of which are involving Deer. About half are on Highways and the other half are on County and Township Roads.

That puts us second in Ontario (In 2013) behind Manitoulin Island.

Refer to the document on how to reduce collisions and injuries with deer.



CEWF 2017 Priorities

KLCOA is a member of the Council for Equitable Water Flow, which is a coalition of 32 lake associations, representing 91% of the Trent-Severn Waterway's lake storage capacity.  The Coalition represents over 35,000 waterfront property owners in the Haliburton sector of the TSW on water management issues, water levels and flows.

CEWF has just released their priorities for 2017.  Their top priority continues to be advocating for an integrated approach to water management at the watershed level.

Read more about CEWF's objectives and 2017 priorities here.


A Huge Thanks to the KLCOA Road Clean-up Team

On Saturday, May 6th, about a dozen dedicated volunteers from the Kennisis Lakes braved the downpouring rains and picked up roadside trash from along County Road 7 (Kennisis Lake Road) between Rough Stone Trail and Wilkinson Rd.  KLCOA has adopted this stretch of road under Haliburton County's Adopt-A-Road program, and will hold a clean-up twice a year from 2016 to 2018.  The volunteers collected over 30 bags of garbage and recycling.  Our roads look much better as result of this volunteer effort.  Let's hope in the future travellers notice the difference and stop throwing trash out as they pass by.  Craig Douglas of the Haliburton County roads department expressed thanks to all of our volunteers for their commitment and efforts.


OPP - Water Safety - High Waters





(MINDEN, ON) – Water levels in the area have begun to recede but remain high in areas witrhin Haliburton County.

 Cottagers and residents alike are advised that rivers, lakes and streams are handling extremely high water levels and as such currents are fast and conditions can change in an instant. If you are travelling by boat to gain access to your residence or cottage be aware that the mandatory safety equipment is still required. The unpredictable conditions could result in overturning of small vessels and strong currents can affect larger vessels too.

 The following equipment is mandatory on every vessel:

  Personal Flotation Devices for each and every person in or aboard a vessel (these should be worn at all times) prior to putting boat in the water. If your flotation devices are gas charged they must be worn.

 Also required is a bailing bucket, floating rope, working/floating flashlight, whistle, paddles and a fire extinguisher on any vessel where fuel is pumped into the vessel body.


Operators of vessels are required to be a qualified operator. Travel in pairs at a minimum, and avoid being on the water when dark.

 There may also be objects floating on or just below the water surface and difficult to see, extra caution needs to be exercised.         

The Haliburton Highlands OPP would like to remind residents, cottagers and visitors to be very cautious in and around fast moving waters, be aware that conditions in and around rivers and streams can change rapidly. Keep children and pets away from fast moving water and flooded areas.

 If necessary to travel through a flooded area please reduce your speed through these areas to reduce water being forced into residential properties.

 Check for updates to the changing conditions and check Environment Canada Weather conditions at

 For a listing of local road closures please go to the Minden Hills website at:

 Contact: Provincial Constable Tim Negus 

Phone: 705-286-1431 ext. 3655                                                                                                  



Art on the Dock 2017

Art on the Dock - Saturday, July 8th and Sunday, July 9th - Limited Edition Prints & T-shirts for Sale!

Excitement is building for our 3rd annual "Art on the Dock", a studio-type tour featuring 40 artists and artisans at 20 locations around the Kennisis Lakes.  Exhibitors will be showing and selling their fine arts and crafts on their docks, decks and in their cottages, lofts and garages.  Visitors are welcome to tour the lake by boat or by road - Art on the Dock signs will designate the locations.

A brochure detailing a complete list of exhibitors is now available by clicking on this link: AOTD Brochure 2017.

The door prize at the Ladies of the Lake Luncheon on July 1st will be a “Canada 150” quilted bag hand-crafted by Shirlee Weeks who is one of the exhibitors on Art on the Dock - it seems like the perfect prize since the Ladies of the Lake Luncheon is being held on Canada's 150th Birthday. 


AOTD LLL Door Prize Shirlee Weeks 150 Bag

 Canada 150 Bag

As a new and exciting initiative this year to increase our donation to Artists in the Schools, we will be selling limited edition prints and t-shirts depicting the “Bringing Home a Moosterpiece” graphic.  Please click here to place an order online before June 16th.

Thank you to Janis Parker of Parker Pad and Printing for helping us with the promotional materials and to Bev & Gary Pike of Viper Marketing for their sponsorship of the event.



Phil and Donna Healey Win AOTD Draw at Spring Meeting

Phil and Donna Healey Win AOTD Draw at Spring Meeting

Phil and Donna Healey (left and right) were the lucky winners of the draw at the Spring Meeting for a limited edition print of “Bringing Home a Mooseterpiece”, a painting specially created by Wilf McOstrich (center) who is one of our exhibitors on Art on the Dock.  Phil and Donna Healey cottage on Kennisis Lake.

Many AOTD exhibitors have generously contributed works which were on display at the Spring Meeting.  


Plan to attend the Ladies of the Lake Luncheon on Saturday, July 1st for your opportunity to win a “Canada 150” quilted bag hand-crafted by Shirlee Weeks who is one of the exhibitors on Art on the Dock - it seems like the perfect prize since the Ladies of the Lake Luncheon is being held on Canada's 150th Birthday.   A number of other donated items will be available at a silent auction at the LLL luncheon, too! 



Public Affairs

KLCOA Thanks Reeve Fearrey & Councillor Norcross for Speaking at Spring Meeting - References Septics, Kennisis Landfill

KLCOA sent a letter thanking Reeve Fearrey & Councillor Norcross for speaking at the 2017 Spring Meeting. During the meeting, Councillor Norcross indicated that Dysart has decided to transition the Kennisis Landfill Site to a transfer station.  KLCOA appreciates that Dysart has responded to our input that we need continued access to waste disposal in our area and this approach will minimize future environmental risks.  Reeve Fearrey indicated his support for a 5 yiear "pass" for property owners who voluntarily undertake an inspection of their septic systems and complete whatever work is indicated.


KLCOA Asks Dysart to Implement Mandatory Septic Re-Inspection Program

Properly maintained and functioning septic systems are critical to maintaining good water quality on our lakes.  Even a properly functioning system has some impact on the lake, and a single system which is malfunctioning can have a very harmful impact on a nearby lake.  Failed systems pose a serious public health risk and can contaminate the surrounding ground and water, and enter drinking water systems far beyond the property boundaries.  For this reason, the KLCOA has been educating its members on proper septic system care and maintenance for many years. 

It is now over 50 years since substantial development began on the Kennisis Lakes.  Some properties on our lakes may still have the steel drum type sewage disposal systems that were often used before septic tanks were required.  While many of these may have been replaced with proper septic systems, without a re-inspection program there is no obligation on the property owner to do the right thing.  A large number of the septic systems on our lakes are older than twenty years old - and some may now be beyond their functional life. 

The KLCOA believes that we need to act now to ensure that the Kennisis Lakes continue to enjoy the excellent water quality that we all enjoy.  The Love Your Lake Shoreline Assessment results which you will be receiving this Spring will help property owners identify where you might re-naturalize your shorelines to put in more of a buffer zone to protect the lake.   The KLCOA will be running a septic inspection "open house" this Spring  to encourage property owners to voluntarily have their septic system examined by a licensed inspector.  These inspections will help owners address small problems before they become big and costly issues, and will identify failing systems that need to be replaced.  More details will be shared in upcoming e-Blasts and at our Spring Meeting.  

We have also met with and written to Dysart et al to ask them to put in place a mandatory septic re-inspection program.  (See attached letter).  While we continue to strongly encourage voluntary efforts by all property owners to regularly pump out their septics and to voluntarily have them inspected, we believe that we have now reached the point where periodic mandatory inspection is necessary.  The cost for an inspection is very minor compared to the financial impact of deteriorating lake water quality! 

In 2011, the Ontario Government changed the Ontario Building Code to give municipalities the authority to implement mandatory septic re-inspections and provided guidelines for such programs. Since then, several municipalities have implemented mandatory inspection requirements.  There are a number of issues to address and we are encouraged that Dysart et al is currently working on some of these elements.  We have offered to assist them in implementing a mandatory septic re-inspection program, including possibly doing some kind of pilot program.   We will keep our members informed as this issue progresses.  In the end, we think it's the right step to take to protect our lakes.

Dysart Review of Landfill Options

As a matter of prudent planning, the municipality of Dysart et al is reviewing its landfill sites to address environmental and financial issues.  They have engaged consultants who are working with staff to do an assessment of options for each location, including the Kennisis Lake dump.  While this work is in its initial stages, we understand that one option that might be put forward is closure of the Kennisis Lake dump, requiring property owners on the Kennisis and Redstone Lakes and surrounding areas to take their household garbage and recyclables to the West Guilford location.  

We have sent the attached letter to Dysart Reeve Murray Fearrey expressing our view that we need to continue to have a waste disposal approach in our immediate area, and asking for the opportunity to review documents as they become available publicly and to provide our input before any decisions are made.  We also referenced the survey of members' preferences for dump hours that we are now doing and our interest in meeting with Dysart if there is significant interest in a change of hours.  

We will keep members apprised of developments on this issue through our eblasts.

KLCOA Asks Dysart to Implement Balanced Fireworks Law

Many neighbouring municipalities have put in place by-laws to impose some restrictions on the use of fireworks to address environmental, safety and noise concerns.     The Canada Day Fireworks Display sponsored by the KLCOA for the community and the privately-sponsored fireworks display on the August weekend at the Marina are long-standing Kennisis traditions and are among the Association's best-attended events.   They are set up by trained pyro-technicians with safety as the first priority and to minimize impact on the lake.   
On the other hand, we frequently hear complaints from members who are disturbed by fireworks late at night and who believe that safety, fire risk and environmental impact may not have been fully considered.

After some research and discussion, the KLCOA Board sent the attached letter to Dysart et al to ask them to consider implementing a by-law that would provide a framework for safe, environmentally-responsible and considerate fireworks displays.  We indicated that we would welcome the opportunity to participate in any public consultations that Dysart might undertake in developing a by-law.
Our letter was discussed briefly at the April 25, 2016 Dysart Council meeting.  There was some question as to whether another by-law was required since there already is a noise by-law, but our Councillor Susan Norcross noted the additional fire risk and Reeve Murray Fearrey noted that many other municipalities have moved forward with regulations providing a framework for safer, environmentally friendlier fireworks. 
On July 25, 2016, Dysart Council passed a new noise by-law with the following clause:  2.3) No person shall discharge or cause the discharge of Fireworks between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
We welcome any comments on this issue to
KLCOA Communication to Bell Mobility and to Rogers Wireless re:  Cell Coverage
KLCOA sent an email in Spring 2016 to Bell Mobility and to Rogers Wireless expressing our interest in seeing further enhancements to cell coverage on the lakes.
KLCOA followed up with a letter in late August, 2016 to BCE CEO George Cope asking to work with Bell in understanding where we have wireline and wireless services around the Kennisis Lakes and identifying strategies to address gaps in service.  Bell Canada has contacted KLCOA and indicated that they are now doing the analytics and will be in contact with us with respect to opportunities.
KLCOA Letter to Ontario Minister of Natural Resources Bill Mauro re:  New Dock Permit Requirements
The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry will now require property owners to obtain authorization for construction, replacement or structural repair of docks/decks/ramps over 15 m. sq cumulatively that are supported by posts, stilts, poles or floats.  
Ministry Staff in Minden advise that the requirement to apply for a permit for "replacement" applies to structural elements such as joists and cribs; however, cosmetic replacement, for example of a few rotting deck boards, will not require a permit.  The 15 sq.m. limit is cumulative - that is, any combination of shoreline deck, ramp and/or dock that together exceeds 15 sq. m. will require a permit going forward.  (Existing structures are grandfathered at least until structural replacement is required or expansion is desired.)  This includes floating docks and ramps that are entirely in the air (between a floating dock and a shoreline deck, for example.)
Permit applications and a guide are available at the Minden MNRF office (12698 Hwy 35 Minden, Phone: 705-286-1521).  The staff is hopeful that they will be posted on-line shortly.   Attached is the current version which the Minden office has shared with us - we encourage you to check that it is the most recent version at the time you need to apply for a permit.
While the Minden office appreciates that there will likely be a fair volume of applications for permits, at this time they are unable to estimate how long it may take for a permit to be reviewed and approved.  
Please note that while this is a new requirement at the provincial level, existing municipal (and in some cases, federal) requirements still apply.
KLCOA (along with FOCA and many other stakeholders) have written to express concern to the Minister that there has not been a clear statement as to why this new requirement has been established - it is duplicative and conflicts with municipal setback requirements.  We understand that criteria have not been fully established; the forms and documents are not yet available on-line; no process has been established to handle the expected volume of applications and the Ministry is not staffed to handle the applications.  
While KLCOA recognizes that regulation of shoreline structures is necessary to protect lake habitat, we have asked the Minister to indicate why this new authorization is required.  If in fact it is required, we ask the government to clearly state where permits will be required and what the criteria for authorization will be, to post the documents on-line, and ensure that they have the trained staff available to handle the applications. Click here to see KLCOA's letter.  Click here to see Minister Mauro's (disappointing) response.
KLCOA Input to Dysart Official Plan
Dysart is undertaking a review of its Official Plan - the framework document that sets broad policy direction for issues within Dysart's jurisdiction.  In August 2016, KLCOA submitted a letter with our input on the key issues.





A Second Septic Inspection Open House

The KLCOA recommends that all property owners have a comprehensive inspection of their septic system completed during the summer of 2017.  We are encouraged by the positive feedback from Dysart et al resulting from our request that Dysart et al proceed with the implementation of a mandatory septic re-inspection program.

In order to allow property owners on the Kennisis Lakes to learn more about the septic re-inspection process and encourage the completion of voluntary re-inspections this summer, the KLCOA is hosting a second Septic Inspection Open House on Saturday July 15th beginning at 9 am at 1975 Watts Road (on Little Kennisis).  Every property owner on the Kennisis Lakes is encouraged to attend.

See the Events section for additional details.


Paddy's Bay Bridge Update - June 6 Phase 1


Phase 1 – Start date is JUNE 19
The bridge deck will be replaced:
  • The first task is to remove the Bailey bridge and re-grade the road back to the level of the old bridge. During that period the bridge will be closed to traffic both ways for a few hours.
  • The second task is to replace the bridge deck and change the grade if needed. During this time there will be netting or a platform suspended beneath the bridge.  Boat traffic in and out of Paddy’s Bay will be closed. A single lane will be open for traffic on the bridge.
Phase 2 – Completion of work on the support walls will be in the fall – more details to follow on this process.


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