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Septic Inspection Open House - Sat July 15

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Attend the Septic Inspection Open House on July 15th and have a chance to win one of three half price septic packages!

Due to popular demand the KLCOA is hosting a second Septic Inspection Open House and again will give away three half price septic packages to lucky attendees.

Dysart et al Reeve Murray Fearrey attended the KLCOA Spring Meeting and signalled that he expected Dysart to implement a mandatory septic re-inspection program as has been encouraged by the KLCOA. 

Since that meeting Reeve Fearrey has reported back that based on further discussion at the May 23rd meeting of Dysart Council he expects that Dysart will be implementing this program within the next year or two.  He said that Dysart Council has agreed that septic systems that were installed within the past five years will be exempt and that property owners who voluntarily proceed with a comprehensive inspection will receive a five year “pass” assuming they complete any repairs required based on that inspection.

Completing a septic re-inspection and pumping regularly may be the most important steps that property owners can take to help preserve the quality of water in the Kennisis Lakes.

In order to allow property owners on the Kennisis Lakes to learn more about the septic re-inspection process and encourage the completion of voluntary re-inspections this summer, the KLCOA is hosting a Septic Inspection Open House on Saturday July 15th beginning at 9 am at 1975 Watts Road (on Little Kennisis).  Every property owner on the Kennisis Lakes is encouraged to attend.

A certified septic inspector will be performing a comprehensive inspection of the system on this property.  As part of the inspection a pump out will be performed.  Both the inspector and the pumper will be available to answer any questions attendees may have.  This is a terrific opportunity to learn about the process, understand why you should consider an inspection of your system and ask the experts any questions you may have related to septic systems.

Based on a random draw at least two lucky attendees will win a 50% discount on a pump out and inspection of their own system.  That is better than getting the soon to be required septic system re-inspection completed at absolutely no cost!  If more than 30 property owners are in attendance on July 15th then a third 50% discount prize will be awarded.  Although all property owners are invited to attend this open house only members of the KLCOA are eligible to win one of the prizes (so if you have yet to renew your membership, be sure to do so before July 15th).    

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