Cottage Owners' Association and Lake Plan

Volunteers - a big thanks

At Kennisis Lake, we are fortunate that so many people contribute their time and resources to our community. The various KLCOA events and initiatives wholly depend on these contributions. We wish to thank the following people who have contributed this year:

Susan Nixon Steve Ashfield
Mark Burley  Justin Hooper
Dave Duncan  Doug Mahood
Joan Middleton  Ron Kozak
Roy Campbell  Lesley Lepine
Larry Harris  Gerry Sumara
Melissa Bouwmeister  Joyce Sumara
Dick Hammond  Ron Cicurskis
Riina Varik Pearson  Catherine Ranson
Lisa O'Leary Reesor  Dale Nixon
Grant Demarsh  Gabriela Cook
June Benson  Jackie Gillies
Donna Dsauntry  Rebecca Francis
Lisa Dale  Antoinette Dowd
John Cooke  Gaby Cooke
Monte Lin  Debbie Lambert
Will Sunderland  Mike Neely
Julia Ranson  Doug Lewis
Pat Lewis  Ball Family
Tracey Circurskis  Lisa Reesor
Mikyla Reesor  Beth Demarsh
Barb Cox  Nicole Cooke
Katie Cicurskis  James Gillies
Jason Dsauntry  Megan Jones
Spencer Dale  Jayson Dale
Shelley Beach  Kelly Neely
Shirlee Weeks  John McAllister
Fred Musinka  Murray Whittaker
Tony Lepine  David Austin
Jim Prince  Chris Riddle
Tayce Wakefield  Graham Beach
Lee Donely  Gary Bouwmeister
Cam Douglas  Tina Fagg
Jeff Gardner  Duncan McCallum
Terry O'Connor  Janis Parker
Gary Pike  Deb Wratschko
Kennisis Marina Parker Pad & Printing
Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve Viper Marketing
Windermere Lodge  


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