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Paddy’s Bay Bridge Update – as of May 26 - Phase 1

In discussions with Dysart Roads Committee we are going to provide you with an update on the reconstruction of the damaged Paddy’s Bay Bridge. As we receive further information, we will communicate it to the membership.

There will be 2 phases to the resolution. 

Phase 1 – Prior to July 1 the bridge deck will be replaced: 

  • First task is to remove the Bailey bridge and re-grade road back to level of old bridge. During that period the bridge will be closed to traffic both ways for a few hours.
  • Second task is to replace bridge deck – lane by lane and change grade if needed. During this time there will be netting or a platform suspended beneath the bridge – boat traffic in/out of Paddy’s Bay will be closed. However a single lane will be open for traffic. 

Phase 2 – Completion of work on support walls in the Fall – more details to follow on this process. 

Watch for confirmation of the actual dates of Phase 1 in the next couple of weeks.


Roads Report - Fall 2016

Each year, the Roads Committee drives all of the roads surrounding the Kennisis Lakes and provides a report to the Dysart et al Roads Department with what we see as recommended priorities for action for the coming year.  

The Roads Departments has a "Roads Study" which details their five year workplan, based on input from consulting engineers.  They break items into several separate budget accounts - major refurbishments and maintenance.  They consider our input in conjunction with their Roads Study, the available budget and other factors such as number and types of users. 

Our roads represent about 10% of the total roads (by length) in Dysart.  In recent years, Kennisis has received more than 10% of total expenditures on roads.  We appreciate the ongoing help and commitment of Rob Camelon, Acting Director of Public Works, Councillor Susan Norcross and Reeve Murray Fearrey. 

We also appreciate the work of our KLCOA Roads Committee - John Middleton (Chair), Peter Hewitt, Edwin Kling and Laura Thiessen. 

If you spot an area needing road repair, please contact the Roads Garage at 705-457-1830.  The Dysart road crew will assess the reported issue and establish work plan to fix based on severity.  

Roads Report - Fall 2015

The condition of our roads is an important issue for KLCOA members.  KLCOA would like to thank Gary Benson for his leadership of the Roads Committee for so many years and for the members who have served on the Committee.  John Middleton will be taking over leadership of the Roads Committee going forward. John Middleton can be reached at

Each autumn, the Roads Committee develops a report which presents priorities for road work that we ask Dysart to consider in developing their annual Roads budget - a mix of re-construction and maintenance. 

We have been fortunate to have had regular work on resetting base of most of the roads around both lakes. This is on top of normal maintenance. West Shore, for instance, consumed most of Dysart's re-construction budget and we thank them for doing this work ahead of the normal reconstruction schedule.  Looking forward, this Fall's report has Kennisis Lake Road from Paddy's Bay to the dam listed as our first priority. The Dysart budget and road work plans is established in the winter/spring so it is still too early to know what the plan is for re-construction (after dam construction has been completed and equipment has been removed).

Dysart's road staff do a tour of all roads every 30 days looking for potholes or other issues that need to be repaired.  They have criteria to help determine which work gets done first, including the size of the problem and risk to road-users and the number of users using a road.  If you see a pothole or other issue that needs repair, please contact Rob Camelon (rcamelon@dysartetal.caat the Dysart Roads Department to let them know.  Extra eyes on our roads are always helpful to them.  Please remember to be friendly in your contacts with them - they are doing their best with limited staff and budget! 

The road work and frequency of repair is governed by Ontario provincial standards based on volume of traffic. Dysart, in our experience meets or exceeds most of these requirements. We all need to take responsibility to ensure that our roads are not damaged - if you are hiring contractors who use heavy equipment, please make sure that they do not damage the roads with their vehicles (including when off-loading/loading them on floats).  If damage does occur, we ask you to take responsibility for fixing it. 

Unfortunately, we have already seen some vehicles in the ditch.  We remind our members that they should consider appropriate vehicles and winter tires.  Drive according to the road conditions - you know where the dangerous curves are, so please slow down for your safety and others.  And watch for weather reports and plan your discretionary trips accordingly.

















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