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Norah’s Island


We are now privileged to have a signed Leo Sepa original on Norah's Island.  This past Sat I took Leo out to Norah's Island and he installed the plaque.  Here are pictures - but be sure to go see for yourself.
Jeff Pinkney




Eyes on the Island


Norah’s Island --- Volunteer Opportunity!


Norah’s Island Management Committee is looking for a group of individuals that would be interested in monitoring the island on a regular basis.

Norah’s has seen a bit of disturbance in the last few years with a fire, tree removal and rubbish left by campers.


We feel the more consistent Eyes on the Island monitoring, will help prevent this in the future.

Our goal is to have enough volunteers that it will only require you to visit once or twice a year – approximate time 1-2 hours per visit. The summer months will be the most crucial with many more visitors to the island. As a group we will work on an itemized list of things to watch for and a schedule.


NIMC are also looking for individuals that are willing to be contact persons for the monitors to report to in case of a situation. 

Someone living on the lake would be preferred.

If you could please contact us - we will arrange a meeting asap regarding the details.


Thank you



Andi Rodgers – - 705 754-9964

Shirlee Weeks – - 705 754-1878

Jeff Pinkney – - 705 754-9879







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